Thursday, March 21, 2013

He gives and takes away!!!!!!

Prepare yourself for some GOOD NEWS!!!!

1. CT of the chest, abdomen, and pelvis are CLEAN!
2. MRI of the brain is CLEAN!
Yes, you heard that right, there are NO additional tumors!!!!
3. The 2 new masses that were on the previous echo weren't visualized on the echo today!!!! So all we are looking at is that same ol tumor we've been monitoring this whole time.
4. That same ol tumor is about the same size as is was when we first found it!!! So is it that it never got bigger in the first place or that we are looking at a miracle here people...

One tumor. Same size. In the only place that I had scanned... only because I was pregnant... Are you seeing The Lord at work here or WHAT??!!!

Let me say again-- there's a tumor in a super funky place in my body.
And we found it.
And we watched it.
And it grew and it spread to places we could see.
And then it didn't spread anywhere else.
And then it was smaller.
And had disappeared.

It's a miracle that we found it. It's a miracle it didn't grow or spread until I was 32 weeks pregnant. It's a miracle we delivered a PERFECTLY healthy baby at 34 weeks. It's a miracle it got smaller. It's a miracle it disappeared.

God has been working so powerfully this whole time. I hope you see that. I hope you see that your prayers for healing have been being answered this whole time. I hope you see that God hears your prayers for me and for John and for sweet Carley Jean. Because miraculous things are happening as we have asked God to do great things for us so that we may tell the world of his goodness.

Join us as we tell the world of his goodness!!

Doesn't this bring a whole new meaning to Job 1:21 "The Lord gives, and The Lord takes away. Praise the name of The Lord!"

Stay tuned this week for the amazing story of Carley Jean's delivery and quick journey to health! She and I were both discharged from the hospital on Monday, 4 days after delivery. She never went to the NICU, never needed oxygen, and stayed with us in our room every night. We give thanks for this sweet little gift God has given us. We give thanks for how she showed us that something was wrong and now how The Lord is still our Great Physician.

Blessed be the name of The Lord. Tell the world!!!


  1. GOD IS SO GOOD! all the time. Carley Jean saved your life :]

  2. This is WONDERFUL news! So glad to know that God has answered prayers sent up on your behalf. Enjoy that precious baby!

  3. Oh what a blessing!! Such wonderful news!

  4. Well, I told you once before when you were here in school, God really has some big plans for you and I still believe it. Even all the more! A great family unit, beautiful perfect child, and now healthy mother with so much to offer the world and her family. WE will rejoice quickly and they continue our prayer of thanksgiving for the news and continue our appeal for full cure. God bless you guys! And please remember we have lots of room so if you come back to visit, we would love your company. WE are just a couple of edgy old grandparents wanting to get out hands on that baby!! WE love you. Praise the Lord from whom all blessings flow!

  5. Best picture I've seen in a long time.

  6. "Wonderful" is too small a word for this news!! I don't know any words big enough, but I know GOD IS BIG ENOUGH and he has done marvelous things! I will happily join you in sharing the good news!

  7. I wish there was a way to 'like' this post 1 million times!!!! :) Praise be to the Lord!

  8. Praise the Lord for answered prayers! Love to you all!

  9. Is this without you having started any of those meds??? I am in SHOCK! I have had to read this post three times now and once out loud and I still can't wrap my mind around it.
    We'll be thanking the Lord tonight for his sweet mercies :)

  10. I have chills all over my body and tears rolling down my cheeks! OUR GOD IS SOOOO GOOD!!!!!!!

  11. How Great is OUR FATHER!!! Praising him with you!!

  12. God truly is amazing! Praise be to his name!

  13. I am so happy to hear this! I am so happy that you have this wonderful little miracle! My dr once told me it would be a miracle if I ever had a baby--I have 3 miracles and I always see them as the amazing gift that they are! ENJOY every minute!!!

  14. Praise the Lord! I am so happy for you guys and just want you both to know that a.) I'm still keeping my church up to date with your situation and we're still praying for/with you, and b.) You have both been so courageous and inspirational through this whole situation and I can't even begin to express how much your strength has encouraged and influenced my walk with the Lord. All things truly are possible through Him. Thank you so much and God bless! -Kyle from St Thomas Heart (the red head)

    1. Thank you Kyle!! So good to hear from you. Thanks for keeping up with us! The Lord is doing some amazing things, we are thankful to witness it!