Sunday, March 24, 2013

Where do we go from here

I realized I left out the "what happens next" information from the last post. I was a little excited, weren't you??

This Wednesday I will have a cardiac MRI to better visualize the tumor in my heart. We are thinking about doing a biopsy after that depending on the results of the MRI. In talking with my oncologist, there seems to be a need for a biopsy no matter what the MRI results will show. If it shows that the other 2 masses are still there, she wants to rule out a higher grade sarcoma. If it shows the same ol tumor we've been looking at this whole time, she wants to make sure it is in fact cancerous and not benign. Honestly, neither of these scenarios is LIKELY, but much better safe than sorry.

So the biopsy will likely be next week with a cardiologist at Vanderbilt. Since the tumor is in the heart which is constantly moving, a needle biopsy is out of the question. So he would probably use a wire and go in through a vessel in my arm to take him to the chamber of the heart that the tumor is in. It's similar to how a stent is put into the heart for coronary artery disease. Rather than going through a vein in the leg (to go to the right atrium) he would go through an artery in the arm (to go to the left ventricle). Anatomy brush up for you there.

And then if the biopsy reveals Alveolar Soft Part Sarcoma like we all expect it will, then I will start treatment as soon as possible after that (maybe up to a week after). I'm expecting to start 2-3 weeks from now. Sounds like a good plan to me! There's no proclaimed duration of treatment, so we will just keep going with it until we see results, probably to the tune of months or years. Like how much I'm saying "probably" and "likely"? Really I don't know any of this for certain, but it looks like this is the most likely path.

I'm still working on the story of Carley Jean's arrival, so just hang tight. I'm still taking pain medicine after the surgery... So I'm a little... Loopy... And it takes about 4 times longer to do things than it should... You understand :)

I can't describe the peace and joy I feel every moment of every day. It's incredible how close God is. I feel the effects of your prayers- peace, healing, comfort. I am so thankful to have such large and dedicated support system. We are so blessed by you :)

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  1. Your little lady just warms my heart! Brittany and John, my whole fam's prayers are with all of you. Praise the Lord for your healing and the amazing gift of Carley Jean. Our God is faithful! Lots of love! Emily (Howell) Gustafson