Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Radiation Day 1: Blah

Rough day over here.

The radiation didn't sit super well with me, I've had bad headaches and nausea all day, got sick 3 times, napped for 2 hours. I now have some meds to help with the nausea and headaches, so hopefully tomorrow will be easier.

Sweet friends came to sit with us tonight and got meds from the drugstore and played with CJ until she was belly laughing and talked about cancer stuff and normal stuff, it was great. This was one of the moments I found myself smiling today! Also when CJ crawled into the covers with me and sang me twinkle twinkle little star and brought me balloons from the grocery store with my mom :) Mom was my personal driver today- so thankful she is here from NC, she has 28 years of experience helping me through these nasty moments. Moms are the best.

There's my Gretzky mask. 

And how about this shirt my friend Molly sent me?!? Isn't it awesome? I feel strange posting a selfie of myself as a grown woman, but I wanted you to see this awesomeness. And speaking of, do yourself a favor and go listen to It Is Well by Bethel Music. You won't regret it.

Thanks for your prayers. We have felt so loved today.

All our love to you.


  1. Sorry you had a rough day, Brittany - I will pray that tomorrow will be infinitely better!!! The Barnetts love you and pray for you without ceasing!

  2. Love you so much. Praying tomorrow is better, and each treatment is easier.

  3. "Only" two weeks. Just think of it as two pledge weeks back to back....minus the gross food games. Praying for a settled stomach and a less headache-y brain. It's okay to have bad days. Love love 💗

  4. Three beauties in these pics!! Love you all and sending all my love and prayers and blessing!! Barbara

  5. I hate cancer! I love you!! My sweet kiddos pray for you too every day. It melts my heart.

  6. Prayers for you, you are such a strong woman. Such a inspiration.

  7. Glad to see your post from this morning to know that you are feeling better today. By the way, that song has special meaning for me too. I can remember a favorite aunt sitting beside me singing it in church when I was a little girl.