Friday, July 8, 2016


Another easy day of treatment. Brain fog and fatigue are still hanging around, not to the extent that they were a couple weeks ago, but still mooore than I would like. My appetite has mostly come back (gained a pound this week!), and my other side effects seem to be under control with the barrage of Walgreens meds I'm throwing at them.

August 17-19 will be my next scans. These are the ONLY SCANS I have EVER been EXCITED about getting!!! My tumors feel smaller each week, so I'm excited to see the measurements the scans will give us. There will be another biopsy, PET, and set of CT scans.

Life has felt exceptionally heavy this week. Did you feel it too? All the hurt in our world compounded with the hard of normal life for me, and wow. Heavy. The verse in the picture is one we are memorizing together as a class this week. It's one of my favorites. In fact, that last part is Carley Jean's life verse. After whole brain radiation things have been extra foggy up in my think tank, so memorizing is especially challenging and I've been skipping my memory verses because of it. I'm glad I didn't this week. May we all feel the hope that does not lead to disappointment in overwhelming abundance this week.

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  1. Thinking of you and praying for you this morning on my way to work. So encouraging that you can feel tumors shrinking - I had the same experience. I pray that they melt away, and for peace and grace. Never give up.