Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Little Bit Smaller

Great news at our doctors appointments these past two days!

The CT scans showed no spread to my chest, abdomen, or pelvis since March! The echo also showed no additional masses- just the original tumor we found in November in the left ventricle of my heart.

And on this echo the mass measured a little bit... SMALLER! Yep, that's right, smaller. Without treatment, without surgery- a little bit smaller. 

There are a few possible explanations: 
1. It could be merely a variation in measurement techniques. The tumor has actually measured something slightly different almost every time we've looked at it, and it varied on the smaller side this time. 
2. My high risk OB proposed during pregnancy that the growth factors that are produced in pregnancy to grow a baby could be fueling the tumor and proposed that after delivery the tumor may recess some... which it did.  So the lack of pregnancy-related growth factors could account for further shrinkage.
3. The Lord's providencial healing.

I'd like to think that it's a little bit of all three.  My medical brain knows that measurements can vary because a human is measuring it, and that growth factors really do play a big role in this tumor's growth.  But in my heart of hearts I know that there is a Redeemer working in the lives of his children to bring glory and honor and praise to his name.  And I know that he can do that through my family and I know that he has already began that work in us!!  So if there is a medical explanation or not, I clearly see the hand of God protecting us from the sadness and scariness of cancer.  I see Jesus preserving life with our baby girl so that we can shout his praises for what he is doing in our lives!

Here we are, 9 months after finding cancer in my heart (that still sounds super scary even now) as I started the second trimester of my first pregnancy in the home stretch of PA school.  I have a beautiful healthy baby girl, I am now a Physician Assistant, and that cancer is the same size it was that dreadful day in November without having taken any treatment at all.  What a faithful God we serve that he will protect us from further disaster.  Praise The Lord!!!

I have one more test on Thursday just to be cautious, but we expect good results from that test just as we have seen today.

I'll go back for another echo in 3 months and more body scans in 6 months.  That is a schedule I can get on board with.

It's a bizzarre feeling to be living life normally and knowing that I have cancer.  But if you're going to have cancer, it's amazing to be able to feel like yourself!! We are so thankful to God for the gift of normalcy.  Our prayer continues to be for God to heal me through whatever means he chooses.  We pray that our story is touching lives and hearts for the glory of Christ Jesus and for the encouragement of his children.

Thank you as always for your prayers!!!

P.S.  I updated the "About Me" section for those of you just joining in our journey!

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