Thursday, May 21, 2015

Today Is the Day

Well, tonight actually.

Wednesday (yesterday) we found out that I didn't qualify for one of the treatment options, so it was quickly decided that I would be doing treatment here through Vanderbilt. We liked both options, and are certainly pleased with the convenience of doing check ups here and not a flight away.

And our insurance covers it!!!!!!!

Yesterday we decided to start treatment, the doctor wrote the prescription, and it arrived today from Vanderbilt by courier. They said since I was local they could have it delivered to me by courier, and even though I could have made the time to go pick it up, it sounded very Downton Abbey to have it delivered by courier. I'm not even for sure what that is, probably a personal mailman, but I like to think that someone showed up to my house on horseback while I was away. Much more ceremonial, don't you agree?

So anyway, it's just a pill that I take at home everyday. It's a kind of targeted cancer therapy that blocks the signals that tell the tumor to grow and stops it from adding new blood vessels for growth. Not chemo. And the side effects are more manageable than chemo. I'll go to Vanderbilt every couple weeks for the first few months for labs and checkups, then monthly after that. There will be some scans in there, but I can't remember how frequently.

These last couple weeks have been emotionally draining. The more we have to wait like that, the harder it gets. I would think by now I would be used to hard kinds of waiting. But it seems instead like I am using up all of my hard kinds of waiting juices, so it gets more difficult each time. For that reason, I am thrilled to be starting something proactive, and am prayerful that it will be effective without also being harmful. I'm actually excited to be taking it, that it has been approved and is affordable and is now in my hands. It seems like such an illusive possibility is now fully reality. Praise The Lord. 

Thank you again for joining us in our journey and for supporting and loving us through it.


  1. Praise!! Praying for you daily! Love!

  2. Praying that God is using that courier to bring you healing!!!

  3. Have missed seeing you. Love that you update here. Jared and I are thinking about you and praying for you!