Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Opening Day!


Nothing deserves impromptu celebratory tickle fights like knowing you can start your cancer treatment soon!!

And mid-meeting happy face pictures from your babe :)

The doctors and drug companies are wrapping up the paperwork today and will start ordering the medication ASAP. Next for me is scheduling a series of screening appointments, scans and tests in Miami to make sure I qualify to be a participant in the trial. Then if I meet all of the criteria, I will be able to enroll in the trial and start getting new treatment. As it stands, I am still taking my old treatment, the one I was on when we started seeing growth. So I'm beyond ready to get onto the next step.

Don't know when we will be there, don't know how long we will be there. But that's okay, because this was the step we have been so very patiently, and then so very impatiently, waiting on since our first trip to Miami!!! Praise The Lord!! The last few days I have been so anxious and so grumpy, and I am especially thankful to have this one piece of the puzzle in place. What a relief!!

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  1. PRAISE PRAISE PRAISE! Glad you get to take the next step forward. And He's already gone before you and is hemming you in on all sides. Don't you forget it!