Saturday, March 26, 2016

Paperwork, Here We Come!

We have an appointment with my new oncologist in Miami on Tuesday to sign paperwork for the clinical trial! This is the first step toward enrolling on the trial to get the new cancer treatment that I need. 

While we are there we will also be able to schedule the screening tests that will determine whether or not I will qualify for the trial. This appointment is a little baby step, but it's the baby step that will get us moving toward new treatments!

We will fly down Tuesday morning and fly back Wednesday afternoon. 

I have been so very anxious the last 2 or 3 weeks. It's been hard to wait for treatment. Really hard. And that has been wearing on me. I've been super grumpy, frequently finding myself thinking "Ugh, why can't these dummies get it together so I can get my cancer treatment?! All I want is a brand new miracle cancer treatment and I'd really like to have it now. Like right this minute. Is that too much to ask?!

I realized after a couple weeks of this monologue running through my mind that The Lord was standing close, quietly knocking on the door to my heart and whispering "I'm there too." I heard these words from a friend in a completely unrelated conversation, but knew immediately that they were for me. I felt the Lord telling me that his timing sometimes comes from dummies who can't get it together. Wow. 

So I've still been anxious and grumpy, but I know that wherever my anxieties carry me, God is there too. 

And now I am so thankful and relieved to finally have a step that we can take toward healing. Still grumpy and a little anxious, but thankful as well. 

Specific things you can pray for:
-no additional tumor growth
-peace of mind and heart in our moments of waiting 
-that God would give us the strength to trust in him and his timing 
-that my screening tests will qualify me for the trial. 
-blessings for our family and friends that are walking through this by our sides

Thank you so much for supporting us through this process. 


  1. I have lupus & myositis (mixed connective tissue/autoimmune). Since my diagnosis 22 years ago I have been on cytoxans. Last year I started having liver problems & in December 2015 my doctors started mentioning IVIG. I researched IVIG a lot & didn't really like my research, but researched more & talked to all my doctors (RA, HEM/ONC, Derm) & prayed HARD, I finally agreed. I had my first infusion March 14 - 17th. My plan is 4 days a month (3 to 4 hours a day) every 4 weeks. 4th day they did lab before the infusion & my labs had decreased (from 3 times higher than normal, to 2 times). I saw your blog and started following you because I was learning about this as you were posting. :) I'm praying for you and this treatment, praying you have great results.

    1. What a journey you are on!! I am honored that you are following along and hope that our story can give you some encouragement. I am so glad you were able to see some good results with your therapy! I will pray for you as well that you can continue to see such positive results!